Friday, 6 June 2014

Time-lapse video: chainsawing logs with the Truncator

Earlier this week I took the opportunity to make a time-lapse video of chainsawing logs with the Truncator. I collected a load of 18-month old Hornbeam, Holly and Hazel from the woods:


Plus some ready cut pieces of Holly thrown into the back of the car:

Here's the setup back at home for processing the logs using the Truncator logging bench:

And here's the video, taken using my GoPro. Note some delays in the video while I use an axe to split logs that were too big...

I did initially experiment using an electric chainsaw a friend had passed on to me, running from our off-grid solar panels:

But it turned out to be a bit under-powered for the job, so I switched back to my petrol-guzzling Husqvarna 346xp. Still, worth trying the electric one - I might see if I can try out a more powerful one somewhere.


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