Thursday, 2 October 2014

Windblown coppice into firewood logs

I did a day's work in the wood this week, converting all the logs I'd winched and chainsawed earlier into firewood, ready to burn in a couple of years' time.


It was an ideal time to use my Stein Arbor Trolley! I certainly wasn't filling it to the top though, as this was heavy, green wood I was moving - but it still reduced the number of trips back and forth significantly, and it's also easier pulling logs on wheels than dragging them, providing you have a fairly clear path to take.



I prefer to season the wood in long lengths, so it's easier to handle and also so that the decision about what length to cut the firewood can be postponed until I know if it's for us or for a customer. So the next step is to use a maul and then wedges to split the wood:


I've made a video about this too, if you've not already watched it:

After that, it's just a few steps to the log pile:


That's about half our firewood for a year sorted already, and there's still more windblow to cut up!

I see the weather is likely to turn properly to autumn soon, but hopefully I'll still find some drier days to carry on with the woodland work...


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