Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Moving towards winter in the woods

I was up at the woods this weekend after a few weeks' gap, and was struck by the shift from autumn towards winter... It's looking quite different there now:



I was there to do a job though, and got on with loading my Truncator:

Sawing the logs:

Tipping them into the trailer:

And repeating until there was a trailer full of logs to take over to The Pelham...

It's a great benefit having the Truncator for jobs like this, and as you can see in the above photo, when the job is done you can simply cover the trailer and drive away without detaching it. I made a video last year detailing how it is set up and operated.



Tom Greenway said...

Yes I too was surprised by the sudden shift to winter in my wood too, keep up the posts always enjoy reading.

Mike Pepler said...

Thanks Tom! Do you have a blog about your woodland as well? Couldn't see one on your profile...

Giles said...

Do you not season your logs once sawn Mike, just in full lengths? Or will the end user season them for a while before burning?


Mike Pepler said...

Hi Giles. They've been seasoned for over two years already in 2m lengths. I either split them in this length, or if too small to split I stripe them with the chainsaw. This lets the moisture get out, while keep the wood in a convenient length for stacking and handling. It also means that it can then be cut to any desired length just before delivery.

Cheers, Mike