Sunday, 21 June 2015

Peasmarsh Forest School

Last week I was delighted to go along to the opening of Peasmarsh Forest School - my friend Rich supplied the oak they made into the sign, and I'd helped with the milling of it. The school had got a pyrography expert to put their design into the sign, and had also treated it with some preservatives so hopefully it will stay looking like this for some time to come:

Peasmarsh Forest School

I'd supplied them with some benches, and small logs to use as stools, as seen in the photo below. But the main reason for the photo is to show their innovative method of making popcorn over a fire, using two sieves and a wooden pole! No oil required, and it just uses a bit of wire to hold the sieves together:
Making popcorn over a fire

Here's the end result, I shall be trying this myself very soon... expect a video!
Popcorn made over a fire

In our own woods, I've mainly been upgrading some of the tracks and moving logs...

Not that exciting, but at least we've had some nice weather to get on with the job!



Anonymous said...

Great shots as usual - I was just wondering what was cooking in the heroes tin at the side of the fire.......?

Many thanks
Dave (Landpikey on SWOG)

Grayhen Tor said...

That's a great looking sign - good job!

Mike Pepler said...

Thanks Grayhen and Dave!

Not sure what was cooking in the tin, I didn't get to enquire... I wonder if they'd tried the popcorn in that as well?