Friday, 7 March 2008

Where did all the oaks go?

Tracy popped up to the wood today, to see how Tim was getting on thinning the oaks. He's made a lot of progress, and a lot of mess too! (p.s. Don't worry, only half the oaks are coming down in the patch - the rest will be there for decades)
Here's Tim at work. His procedure was to use a winch to slowly pull the tree over, having made cuts such that it was ready to fell, but pretty stable. This was required because they needed to fall against their direction of lean.
We'll be up in the wood again tomorrow, as the Rother Butterfly Conservation Project are coming to do a bit of coppicing along the footpath. It's getting a bit late for coppicing, so we'll have to check carefully that they're not disturbing any wildlife. There's still a bit to finish off in our own wood too, if we can make our way round the oaks on the ground!

Tracy also insisted I put these pictures which she found on he phone from a while ago. Look closely at the second one to see what I was using for a knife, and especially a fork!
Oh, and the other bit of news is that after more than two months in the house, our birds have finally decided that it's safe to come down to the table:
Perhaps the change to the new cage (which they only go in at night) has persuaded them that they can be more adventurous?


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