Thursday, 12 November 2009

News round-up

With both of us doing our "desk jobs" full time for the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been much to post on the blog. A few things have been happening though, so here's the news...

A few weeks ago we went to a wood near Ashford for a meeting of local coppice workers, organised by Esus Forestry. It was pretty wet, but fortunately this wood has an "indoors"!
It was a good opportunity to catch up with everyone and hear the latest news in the region.

We did actually get up to the woods a couple of times, but didn't get to take many photos, largely because it's been raining so much! My friend Alex came to visit, and we worked on creating a clearing in his wood so that he can bring his family to camp there in future. We even managed to make a couple of benches from the trees that were felled:
We also spent one day in our own wood, mostly tidying up stuff at our shelter and also making stakes ready for some tree planting we'll be doing in a couple of weeks:
At the end of next week we'll be back in Sweep Wood coppicing, and normal service will resume at this blog! ;-)


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