Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sunshine and showers

Well, that was the forecast, and that's what we got. I think this is the first picture I've taken of a rainbow while in the wood. Not much of one, but a start at least - it wouldn't have been possible until recently, as you couldn't see across the yard next door.
We had David Brown, from South East Woodland Archaeology Forum, visit during the day to have a look at some of the features in the wood and tell us what they are - I'll do another post on that in a week or two, once we've had some better weather to get pictures. I think David will visit again as well, to investigate further...

While that was going I spent most of the day splitting logs, catching up with all the stuff we'd felled a few weeks ago. The racks are looking fuller now, but there's still a bit to go.
We also did a bit of general tidying up, sorting out some of the Hazel into different thicknesses, with my Dad picking out a few for making walking sticks.
Tracy got to do some sawing as well, which she was pleased about after spending most of the day wandering round the wood looking at various ditches and backs with David (though she did enjoy that too!).
At the end of the day we popped down to our wood to do a few jobs, and I found that the stream is at last flowing! About a month late, compared to 2008... Anyway, our mini-waterfall is back in the culvert now:
Last but not least, I cut a slice off a sycamore that had been lying on bearers for a few weeks, to see if the wood inside was suitable for my Dad to try some pyrography on, but it has this weird fungal growth going through it already:
I guess Sycamore doesn't last well outdoors!


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