Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Butterfly Conservation volunteer day

We've been on Butterfly Conservation volunteer days before, but this time it was at our wood! (well, my parents' wood, but it's where we're working right now) BC are involved with this bit of the wood as it's in a priority area for coppicing and other work to help butterflies and other wildlife.
We had six people come along, in addition to Steve, the organiser at BC. They did some exceptional work while they were in the wood, coppicing at least 10 Hazel stools and felling a number of small sycamore, and all just using bow saws and loppers!
Towards the end I roped up a few chestnut stems so they could see some other stuff going on, and we had a good chat about some of the different techniques and the uses for the wood.
Lunch was included too, courtesy of Steve, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So, a big THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped out for the day! :-)


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