Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Robin comes to visit

Yesterday we started work by collecting a trailer-load of firewood to deliver at the end of the day. With that and sharpening my chainsaw before we set off, it was late morning by the time we got to the work site. When we arrived we had a visitor, who stayed around for the whole day:
I took a lot of photos of him, as he's very tame. I've whittled the selection down, but there's still quite a few, so just scroll past them if you're not interested...
Lunchtime (with some crumbs from our sandwiches):
Scratching an itch:
Looking for food:
He wasn't the only bird to come and see us; after weeks of circling around the area we've coppiced, a blackbird has finally decided that it's a safe and interesting place to visit:
Anyway, we did some work as well as taking photos and feeding the birds... Tracy got busy carrying on where Saturday's volunteers left off, coppicing some Hazel:
Meanwhile I split logs and made stakes:
then went to work on a patch we've left until now:
We want to leave most of the Holly there, but coppice the Hornbeam and Sycamore that's growing up among it. I made a start on it as the afternoon drew to a close, felling some hornbeam:
I carried on with this work today, while Tracy was working further down the hill, where she's started in a new area, creating a space to fell chestnut down the hill, now that we're a fair distance from the top. More on that later...


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ChrisJS said...

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing them