Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Woodland archaeology

A few weeks ago we had David Brown, of the South East Woodland Archaeology Forum, come and visit Sweep Wood and Chestnut Coppice (and other surrounding woods) to look at the archaeological features. There were numerous banks and ditches, but the really intriguing find was what we thought was a ditch running through Sweep Wood:
In fact, it's an ancient trackway, and where the road turns a corner (just out of sight in the above photo), it must have gone straight on in the past.

Tracy's also been busy with the metal detector, digging up various items such as this part from some agricultural machinery:
and also this mixing implement:
We're looking forward to find out more about the archaeology over the coming year, with David hopefully visiting again.

You can read articles from David in the SWOG newsletters, the October issue has some info on woodland trackways in it.


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