Monday, 11 January 2010

Sledging in Udimore

As I said before, there are no hills in Camber, and bike sledging is hard work, so we picked up four friends and went off in search of a better place to sledge. It was snowing quite hard, and the wind was blowing too, so the vehicle of choice was obviously the Defender.

The first place we stopped involved a walk through some beautiful woodland:
but once we got out to our intended hill, we found it wasn't much good, and we moved on further up the road.
Once we got to the other side of Udimore, we found the perfect location, with some people already sledging there:
The snow was pretty deep, for our part of the world at least:
Here's a video of us all sledging, and most of us falling off as well!

After we'd all got cold and tired we went and sat in the Defender and had soup. Very cosy!
The Defender did very well - definitely the car to be out in when conditions are bad!


p.s. All the photos and the sledging video were taken with a mobile phone.

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