Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow at Camber Sands

OK, I have a lot of pictures (and videos) related to snow... So, to start with, here's the ones taken in Camber and Rye.

Early on in the period of snow it was also sunny, making for some great shots on the beach:
Then more snow came...
leaving the beach more thoroughly covered:
I got a couple of pictures while the snow was coming down, but with my mobile phone rather than the SLR:
Yes, that really is snow on the sand over 100m out from the shore! It didn't stay for long though out there.

Meanwhile, in Rye, everyone was panic buying bread and milk...
The roads got pretty icy as well, here's ours early one morning:
Fortunately the Defender is well able to cope with this :-)

Coming up later - some pics of snow in the wood, and videos of sledging and towing a sledge with a bike!


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