Monday, 15 March 2010

First Brimstones of the year!

We were up a the woods yesterday doing a few odd jobs, and excited to see a male Brimstone butterfly in our wood. I changed camera lenses while Tracy kept an eye on it, then I chased it out into the wayleave trying to get a picture, only ot find a second one out there! Brimstones are fast and don't land very often, and at this time of year there's precious little food to tempt them to land anyway, so I had to try and get photos of it in flight, in between running to keep up with it. Hence they're pretty poor pics, but here they are anyway as proof of the Brimstones' presence - you can't mistake them because of the colour:
There's other signs of Spring too, such as honeysuckle and thistle coming into leaf:
And also the fact that there's enough sunshine to light the kelly kettle with a magnifying glass!

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