Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A quick update

We've been pretty busy recently, helping a friend move house and building a firewood shelter in our garden at home, so not a lot of time for photos and posting to the blog... I'll start writing about how we're building the firewood shelter shortly, but for now here's a few pictures from the woods, taken this weekend.

While collecting materials for the firewood shelter we got our Suzuki and a trailer all the way into Sweep Wood for the first time:

DSC_8053 Trailer full of Hazel

This included driving over the culvert, which worked just fine:

The area we recently coppiced in Sweep Wood is growing very rapidly, despite the dry weather:

There's another new plant there as well, Hogweed I think:
DSC_8054 Hogweed

The old Hornbeam pollards at the edge are recovering nicely - we'd like to lay this growth into a hedge in a few years:
DSC_8057 Pollarded Hornbeam

And there's another pollard, which we created to set up a bench for felling, and then left as a handy bird table to leave food on:

now it looks like this, and will be an interesting looking tree soon I think:
DSC_8056 Pollarded tree

That's all for now..


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