Saturday, 18 February 2012

Feeding the birds

I just got back from a trip up north for work, here's a few photos I took while visiting family on the way back. My brother came over with his kids (Joshua and Chloe), and we went down to the lake in the park to feed the birds...

Some were right out of the water, ready to take food out of your hand, like this Canada Goose:

Canada Goose DSC_3487

Joshua wasn't so keen on birds that big though, so went to sit on a bench:
Sitting on a park bench DSC_3520

Chloe got a bit upset when a Mute Swan nibbled her fingers while taking some bread, but I showed her that it was fine and they didn't actually hurt you:
Mute Swan DSC_3506

Mute swan DSC_3507

The rest of the birds (mostly Black Headed Gulls and ducks) waited in the water...
Black Headed Gulls DSC_3489

and then went crazy when some bread was thrown in for them:
Black Headed Gulls DSC_3491

Black Headed Gulls DSC_3492

Black Headed Gulls DSC_3493

I got some nice pics of the gulls in interesting mid-flight positions:
Black Headed Gulls DSC_3494

Black Headed Gulls DSC_3496

Black Headed Gulls DSC_3498


and we also found a few of them were brave enough (or hungry enough?) to take food from your hand:
Feeding a Black Headed Gull DSC_3511

Feeding a Black Headed Gull DSC_3519

By this time my Dad and Chloe had joined Joshua on the bench and they were all enjoying the show!
Sitting on a park bench DSC_3522

One final photo, which I took up in Lake District earlier in the week. A juvenile Grey Heron, looking very cold!
DSC_3431 Juvenile Grey Heron


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