Sunday, 24 February 2013

A job finished

We've finally finished cutting the trees in Sweep Wood that bordered a garden. The final day of work
included an awkward limb that we wanted to get down while we had access to the garden:

DSC_5718 tree felling

We came up with a plan though, and got stuck in:
DSC_5722 tree felling

Just checking it's going to fall safely and that I can get out of the way...
DSC_5724 tree felling

In with the felling cut:
DSC_5725 tree felling

Half way down... It's Hornbeam, so is very strong and the hinge doesn't easily break during felling, unlike Sycamore.
DSC_5727 tree felling

A bit more persuasion and it came gently to rest on top of the hedge, from where we could cut it up and tidy it away:
DSC_5728 tree felling

Leaving a much neater border tree at the corner of the garden:

Here's the site now it's done, with the brash mostly put back over the fence to make a dead hedge:

We got some hefty chunks of Holly and Hornbeam out of the work, which are now back in the wood:
DSC_5713 logs in trailer

I got straight on and split them right away, while they were still green:
DSC_5715 logs and axe

Last but not least, we also found this when we went to top up our bird feeder...
DSC_5716 Pesky squirrels...

Pesky squirrels had chewed their way into the bird seed container we'd left up there, and then managed to get the lid off... I guess we will have to rethink this bit of the plan!


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