Sunday, 3 February 2013

C&B Seen LED bike light review

I recently bought some new bike lights, which are the brightest I've ever had! It's the 'Commuter Kit' from C&B Seen, with 1200 lumen CREE front LED, and 500 lumen rear LEDs. They also came with a head-torch attachment, so should be useful at night in the woods too... Here's a video review:

I'm very impressed with them, especially compared to the price some places charge for bright LED lights!


Anonymous said...

Not easy to see the kit. Redo with better lighting?

Mike Pepler said...

Yeah, sorry - the pack that it comes in, and the velcro pouch for the battery, are matt black, so don't really show up well in the lighting there. You can see the battery pouch fine a bit later on though, when I fit it to the bike.