Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Windblow into produce

With the Ashden Awards successfully completed last week, I've got a week off to catch up on everything else. One of the jobs in the wood was doing something with the windblow that came down a few months ago. The first batch is now converted into split logs for firewood:


big, straight logs for use in making benches and stools (click for videos):

and longer straight logs for building stuff, plus some logs for making stakes:

There's still some more windblow to clear up, though I think I might leave one of the stems as they're growing new shoots from the side now, so it might make an interesting tree one day!



Giles said...

How many acres do you have in total, Mike?

Mike Pepler said...

We've got 8 acres (~3 hectares), and we also manage the 4.5 acres that my parents have, as well as having some involvement in two other lots near ours that friends own.