Monday, 1 September 2014

A walk on Beachy Head

Last Friday we went to visit Beachy Head - not sure why it took us so long, we've lived down here for some years now! We drove to the visitor centre and pub (which does a nice lunch) at the top, and walked over to the cliff:


They're not joking about the cliff edge...


Being 500ft above the sea, whilst also being almost at the edge of it, makes for some great views, to Eastbourne and beyond to the east:


To the south, some weird ocean currents (see the diagonal line in the water, from bottom left to centre) and nice shadows of clouds on the sea:

And the well-known lighthouse to the west:

It's a stunning place to visit, shame it has a darker side as a suicide spot. But at least the Chaplaincy Team there is doing a good job.

Going west along the coast from Beachy Head you come to Seven Sisters country park, which is also worth a visit - we walked along the west side of the Cuckmere river:

Before long, the river reaches the sea...

And you're rewarded with a nice shingle beach with a few houses perched on cliff tops:

On the walk between the main road and the sea, we saw more Herons in half an hour than we ever have in one place before!



There was also the bizarre sight of a Heron and several Little Egrets perched in trees, preening themselves! It's strange to see a bird usually found wading in water up a tree...

We walked back along the other side of the trees, and I was able to get a closer shot of one of the Little Egrets:

There were also lots of other birds, including dozens of Swallows - I was pleased to get a photo of one of them, though it took about 20 shots to get this one mediocre picture!

If you've not been, the area is well worth a visit - there's more info here.


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