Sunday, 10 February 2008

Even MORE visitors!

Well if we didn't have enough visitors in the wood yesterday, we had even more today! Good job we like having them there!

After church in the morning and lunch, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and get a few hours in at the wood. The extra daylight really makes a difference - a month ago it wouldn't have been worth going up after lunch.

Friends from church (Paul, Penny, Emily and Charlotte) joined us for the latter part of the afternoon, and they were keen to get involved in some coppicing work. Paul and Emily felled one tree:
while Penny and Charlotte did another:
although Emily discovered that you don't actually need two people on a bowsaw:
The tree was soon down, and Harvey the dog wanted to get in the photo, as he helped too, honest!
While all this was going on, the owner of one of the other woods dropped in - so we've now met all but one of the neighbours!

Paul demonstrated his skills with a side axe
and Emily chopped up a load of wood, so we owe her a visit in the summer when we'll be burning it to cook stuff! Charlotte and Penny weren't slacking though, Charlotte lopped all the branches of the larger of the trees felled earlier, and Penny used them to fuel the fire.

Paul also examined the tracks in the wayleave - he thinks they could well be boar rather than deer, and suggested we leave some apples covered by bits of wood - boar will go and take them, but deer and other animals are less likely to, especially if they are covered up.

Oh, and Richard (who was helping yesterday) dropped in again to say hello, so once again we had quite a crowd!


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