Friday, 8 February 2008

Thursday afternoon

I was able to finish work early yesterday, and we got 3 hours in at the wood. We're focusing on the areas that need to be clear for the oak thinning now, figuring that the other bits can be delayed a week or two if need be.

I got busy with the chainsaw near the camp area, leaving a mess for Tracy to lop up as usual!
The we did our back-and-forth routine, with me felling and trimming twigs with the billhook, while Tracy lops, and swapping places so she doesn't have to be near the chainsaw. We made good progress in the this area:

Just out of shot on the right was another stool that I re-pollarded:
We left with the sunset beginning to light up the sky behind the trees:
It's meant to be sunny tomorrow too, and with it being light earlier we're planning to get up at 6:30am to make an early start. Richard, who who met in the wood a few weeks ago and is down visiting family, is going to drop in and lend a hand too, which is nice of him. He's looking forward to getting his hands dirty in the wood, as he's been walking in it for years!


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