Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lop and carry

Tracy chose the title, as that's what we did mostly today... somehow there was a backlog of felled trees, needing lopping, chopping and carrying, so it was nearly lunchtime before I got to fell a tree!

Someone else had been in the wood while we were away, and they left evidence on the chopping block:
Looks like it was a squirrel eating acorns - I imagine it made a good lookout point.

We had yet another beautiful day, I think there's only been a couple of days all winter when we wanted to work that have been too wet.
Today we remembered to take "before and after" shots of the area we cleared (after the lop and carry...)
Doesn't look like a lot, but that's about 3 hours work for two of us - it's the lopping,
copping and carrying that takes the time...

We left as the sun was setting, lighting up the birch in the wayleave:
and the moon was preparing to take of the role of main source of light:
We're hoping to go up again tomorrow, as it should be sunny again :-)


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