Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BBC Radio 4 Costing the Earth - we're on!

You may remember that back in February we were interviewed by Tom Heap (presenter) and Martin Poyntz-Roberts (producer) for Costing the Earth.

Well, it was on last night, called "A Burning Solution" and you can listen to it online here:

It's also going to be repeated at 13:30 this Thursday, 16th April.

This is also in the news, as the Environment Agency’s recent “Biomass: Carbon sink or carbon sinner” report has been mentioned, although in the main BBC news it is mis-reported with the headline “Biomass 'worse than fossil fuels'”, when in fact the report only said this was the case if nitrogen fertilisers were used to grow trees and/or the biomass was moved a long distance. (Neither of which we do, of course!)


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Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Brilliant, but as far as the BBC missreporting is concerned, this is, at times, par for the course.

I wonder how long it will be before it is realised that sustainable forests are the 'new' oil fields?