Monday, 27 April 2009

A brazier and the stars

On Friday our neighbour Andrew collected some logs to burn on his upcoming caravan trip, and last night he gave his brazier a test run. He has to use this because caravan sites are sometimes a bit precious about their turf apparently... Anyway, it works really nicely:
This was just a little test though - I think he's going to build a much bigger fire in it when he's away!

As it went dark I got my telescope out to look at the stars. Andy and Rachel (my brother and his wife) recently gave me an adaptor to connect my SLR camera directly to the telescope, so I did a little test run with it:
There wasn't anything particularly exciting, so it's just some random stars. I'm going to need a bit of practice with it, but it was good to be able to get some decent photos first time.



Anonymous said...

A brilliant evening! Thank you for my lesson in pyromania ;-)

Mike Pepler said...

Pyromania? Don't get me started... ;-)