Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Perfect timing

Things change fast in the woods during Spring, and there are certain sights you only get to see on one, perhaps two, weekends in a year. Last weekend was one of these times. The Wood Anemone are fading, but still there, and the Bluebells are heading towards their peak, giving us the once-a-year opportunity to see them together:
In some patches the bluebells are much further on:
and the hazel is making rapid progress in Sweep Wood:
There's some great views with the sun coming through the trees:
We've got family here this week, so the wood is full of grandparents and babies:
So we're not really doing any work, or seeing any wildlife as it's scared off by all the activity! But we're having a good time, and catching up with everyone. We had a fire and BBQ up there on Sunday, and while I was using the very first stool I made as a saw bench it fell in half:
I guess that's the downside of using chestnut - it cleaves easily! Maybe I'll make my next sawbench stool from another tree, and keep the chestnut stools just for sitting on...


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