Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Chainsaw sharpening station

Much as I love sharpening our chainsaws out in the woods, there are days like yesterday, when it is throwing it down with rain. As I was off work, but not going to the wood, I set about converting an old butcher block into a chainsaw sharpening station.

It works pretty well, and as it's in the conservatory, it's really well lit during the day:


The vice is simply bolted to the top with four bolts:

and I drilled out a section underneath for the rails and screw thread to pass through:

Now I can sharpen the saws when it's raining!



kristen said...

Hi Mike and Tracy,
I love your blog! We have a tree care blog. Would you be interested in trading links in our blog roll? Email me if you are interested:)

Mike Pepler said...

Hi Kirsten, happy to add your blog to our list (I'll do it now...), look forward to getting a link back from you.

Cheers, Mike