Saturday, 13 November 2010

A mysterious object in the woods

Tracy recently stumbled across this strange rusted object in the wood:



As you can see, it has a handle on one side, and what look like buckles to attach straps to. There used to be some kind of internal structure inside the cylinder, but it's too rusted to see what it might have been. On one end there's a nozzle with a screw thread. Any ideas what it might be?

Last week was mostly wind and rain, but the one sunny day, Wednesday, was a day we both had off work, so we had a beautiful day working in the woods.



The strange thing right now is that while the Ash and Sweet Chestnut have lost their leaves:

some of the Oak have barely started to change colour:

We reckon we're over half way through the main part of our work for this winter, although the edge trees may take a bit longer. In the photo below, you can see the main block of trees still to be coppiced, and if you look along the path, you can see the regrowth from last year's coppicing, so the end is actually in sight already!


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