Friday, 20 April 2012

Lightstorm SL1 ultra-capacitor LED torch

It's over a year now since I started selling the Lightstorm CL1 ultra-capacitor torch, and it's been pretty successful. So I'm getting another product from the same company now, the Lightstorm SL1 wind-up torch. This uses the same ultra-capacitor and LED technology as the CL1, but has several new features:

  • single spot-LED (as with CL1), but THREE LEDs for flood-lighting.
  • three flashing red LEDs for emergency signalling.
  • disc shaped, with magnets and handle/hook combination on the back, so that you can fix it up in various places to provide light while on your camping trip, during a power cut, etc.
Here's a quick pic:

More info when the new stock arrives...

p.s. I'm also getting some micro-USB phone charger connectors for use with the CL1 and SL1, which come with mini-USB by default, so if you have a compatible phone (most new ones will work) then you'll also be able to buy this from me too.

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