Saturday, 14 April 2012

Uckfield Fire Station open day 2012

As part of my fun new role as an East Sussex Fire and Rescue service volunteer, I get to help out with events like open days at the fire stations. And yes, I did sit in a truck!


It was a superb day with hundreds of families visiting. They could find out more about the emergency services, play football, sit in the appliances, make badges and play games. We also had 2 live demonstrations which were brilliant.

There was a demo on what NOT to do in the case of a chip pan fire. Don't throw water at it... and the motto 'get out, stay out and call the fire brigade out!' was often repeated. We are advised not to try and fix things ourselves!

Here is Chris throwing water on the oil fire. Don't do this! There was a big explosion of flames which knocked him to the ground.


The fire fighters came in and rescued Chris.



Then they came back into the room and put the fire out.


They look a bit alien in all that gear!


After that we had a demo on how the ESFRS cut people free from cars. Amazing! Those are some sharp scissors ;-)



The roof was off in no time.


My job for the day was to help kids on and off the trucks. So many tantrums when they were told they had to get off and let someone else have a turn! And I quickly learned how to turn off the alarms on the breathing apparatus that kids kept setting off!


Lovely shiny red trucks everywhere. I suspect I might be becoming a fire truck spotter, but don't tell anyone!




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