Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trying out the Logosol Big Mill / TimberJig chainsaw mill

Last weekend I was able to have a go with my friend Rich's Logosol Big Mill / TimberJig chainsaw mill:

DSC_3925 Logosol sawmill

The TimberJig can actually be used directly on a log, once you have a square corner to run it on, but we were using an aluminium bar that Logosol sell as part of the Big Mill Basic kit.
DSC_3903 Logosol sawmill

The basis of the TimberJig is an attachment for a chainsaw that lets it run along the aluminium bar or a square corner of wood:
DSC_3912 Logosol sawmill

Rich had built a log ladder, and on top of that had a couple of Logosol log-lock clamps. These can be set up with the jaws close together for a round log:
DSC_3915 Logosol sawmill

Or further apart if you're putting the flat face of a partly-milled log on them:
DSC_3916 Logosol sawmill

Once a log is lifted in..
DSC_3918 Logosol sawmill

... you just push the jaws firmly onto the log, and then lock the clamps in place.
DSC_3919 Logosol sawmill

The aluminium bar is fixed to a pair of adjustable brackets, which are used to change the height at which the chainsaw is cutting. They can be screwed to the end of the log itself if you're out in the woods, but Rich had mounted them onto the log ladder. He'd also added some spacers, made of sections of copper pipe:
DSC_3922 Logosol sawmill

These ensure the saw chain doesn't hit the log locks!
DSC_3914 Logosol sawmill

Rich thought I ought to have a 'trainee' badge as it was my fist go...

It's actually very easy to use, you just open the throttle and walk slowly along pushing the saw, making sure to keep it firmly placed on the aluminium bar.
DSC_3926 Logosol sawmill

Here's a couple of close-ups of the milling I took when Rich did some:
DSC_3931 Logosol sawmill

DSC_3933 Logosol sawmill

The only downside is that I gather you end up having to sharpen a lot of chains!


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