Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Come down number 3, your time is up

OK, I know that's not quite the title of the Pink Floyd song, but it's near enough.

Here's Number 3:
Number 3 was the last oak remaining to be felled, though first I coppiced a small area for Tim to fell it into:
and here's what happened to it after that:

It's funny - we felt really bad about felling our first few trees last summer, but once we got into the coppicing we kind of forgot about that. Seeing all the oaks down was another leap up though, and looked quite shocking, but I must have adjusted, because my main thought seeing this one come down was "Yes, the job's done!".
With all the oak now extracted, the site's beginning to look like it should:
Tim burned up about half the oak brash, which is a lot easier to do when you have a tractor there! We're keeping the rest to leave for wildlife to hide in, though we haven't decided where to put it yet. There's quite a bit, so we're hoping Colin will want some for Dome Wood too!
The tractor seems to be good at other jobs too:
It's carrying out some birch there - we're selling a good chunk of it to Tim for firewood. Now we can start the process of tidying up - we need to sort out the poles for use at the allotment, and also those we're selling to the guy making garden furniture. And after that we can start to think about building a new shelter to keep our stuff dry up there...

Last but not least, I heard a rustling on the other side of the wayleave when I arrived, and was lucky to catch a shot of this female pheasant:

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