Sunday, 13 April 2008


No, not a shed in the wood (that's not really allowed), but a shed for the allotment. A friend from church heard that his neighbour was taking his old shed down, so we got to collect it for free! It needs new roofing felt, but the previous owner had bought some to repair it, but having bought a new shed had no further need for it, so we paid him for that. A couple of trips with the trailer had it down to the allotment, but we still had the problem of need some sleepers to rest it on...

There's a timber shop nearby which was selling old railway sleepers for about £20, but it occurred to us that we had no shortage of logs, so should make some of our own. So, while we had the trailer out, we went to the wood and did this:

cut logs to length to fit in the trailer:
put them on some reasonably level ground and pegged them in place:
then sawed a face off them, for the shed floor to sit on and be screwed onto:after a couple of logs, I found an easier way - after cutting the first foot or so, to leave some space for safety, I stood the log up and Tracy held the top while I continued the cut downwards - this was easier because the weight of saw does the cutting, rather than you having to force it sideways while supporting its weight.

After a short while we had eight logs prepared and in the trailer, along with some sample pea sticks and a beanpole for some of our allotment neighbours to look at. We reckon they might want at least 30, and rather than sell them we think we'll swap them for a share of the produce!

Anyway, the main thing that we're really pleased about is this is the first time we've used some of the produce for our wood to directly replace something we would have to have bought otherwise! :-)


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