Sunday, 6 April 2008


I was away last night to go to a friend's wedding (Tracy had to work...), and was staying at my parents' place. I got back there around midnight Saturday night, and it was a bit damp, but Sunday morning was like this:
As my train headed south the snow seemed to fade away, but once I was past London it picked up again, and when I got home to Rye on Sunday afternoon this was the view out of the window:
So of course we just had to go up to the wood to get some pictures! Things were looking promising as we came down the road:
So, first some of Sweep Wood:
That last one is from the same spot where I took one of the wood anemones only last Friday! I hope they're OK under there...

So, on to Chestnut Coppice:
We some tracks there too, one set from a bird (possibly a pheasant?) and another from a rabbit:
Things were looking great out in the wayleave too:
and after our quick tour we headed off up the public footpath
the forecast is for more snow tomorrow...



Colin said...

Great photo's Mike. The snow must have hit the wood just after we left. Glad I left plenty of food out for the birds. Good timing.

Mike Pepler said...

Yes, we say lots of birds around still. They were hiding in some of the piles of brash left from the oaks we've had felled!