Sunday, 6 April 2008

A walk in Chestnut Coppice

Well, we didn't just take a walk in Sweep Wood of course, we went to Chestnut Coppice too. And we were pleased to see the tractor's been in, and there's only four oaks left to do now. The tractor doesn't do too much damage where it only drives once:
but where it has to repeatedly it can get a bit worse:
and the soft patch we had at the entrance has taken a hit:
We knew that was likely to be a troublespot, and were planning to do something about it. At least half the ditch is dug for us already now! We'll need to dig it out a bit more I think, and possibly fill it with something that will improve drainage and also be a bit stronger.

One good thing though - the track in the wayleave is compeltely undamaged by the tractor:
Here's the tractor and woodpile:
Out in the wayleave things are really coming to life now. This willow is covered in catkins:
Lots of birds around too. I got a couple of shots of this blue tit:
And this video, so you can hear the noise the birds are making. Turn the volume up, and watch for the bird making its escape!

We also saw this, which I think is one of those things that an insect makes for the larvae to grow in?
And back in the wood the bracken is making a comeback:
We don't mind a certain amount of bracken, but it does tend to take over and shade out the other plants, especially in the wayleave, so I expect we'll clear some patches of it.


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