Monday, 12 May 2008

Assorted woodland photos

There's a few odds and ends collected over the weekend, and also yesterday evening, when we popped up to the wood for a walk around at sunset.

A birch trying to grow as fast as it can after we pollarded it a couple of months ago:

more follows, including oak apples, a rabbit, a beetle and where some of our woodland produce has gone...

and a coppiced chestnut doing the same:
An "oak apple" we found lying on the ground under one of the oaks. These aren't apples at all, but are a mutation of the the oak leaf cause by chemicals injected by the larvae of a gall wasp, according to Wikipedia. The wasp matures inside the "apple", and apparently is good fishing bait and even survival food!
A rabbit and a beetle on the wayleave:
sunset through the trees:
a gibbous moon:
and the track between Sweep Wood and Grist Wood looking rather dark!
and finally, some of our produce in use. First, bean poles at a neighbouring allotment patch:
and a trailer load of oak sawdust, which has gone to a friend who plans to build something to smoke the game he shoots.

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