Saturday, 10 May 2008

Timber and stuff

We were up at the wood at 8:30am this morning to get a few jobs done, as we had friends visiting later in the day. Saw some cool spider webs in the wayleave:
and this butterfly, which we've not identified yet, but have asked an expert - feel free to leave a comment if you know what it is!

More follows in the rest of the post, including our planted trees growing, the timber produced from our oak, piles of sawdust and the wayleave nicely flattened.
We also saw this moth(?) as well, no idea on this one at all:
The planted chestnuts are doing wonderfully:
and the self-seeded oaks are going to need some taller shelters soon:
The big change though is in the oak butts in the wayleave. There's now a huge
pile of sawdust:
and a pile of planks and paling:
plus a few farm gate posts:
the resulting slabwood has been added to the pile for firewood:
I guess Tim must have been busy yesterday!

I'd not noticed this before, but one of the oaks had grown really strangely:
Tracy took the opportunity to try out the tractor cab:
perhaps she'll want one of her own soon?

The track we repaired a couple of days ago seems to have settled in nicely, and is no worse off for having the tractor go over it to get the final butt out:
Best of all, the area further out into the wayleave that was all churned up is now flat!
Just need to wait for the grass to grow back now. If we need to we might seed it once there's some rain...


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