Saturday, 3 May 2008

More people arrive...

My brother Andy and his family (Rachel and Joshua) turned up today, to add to the crowds in the wood! We were already up there, still doing track repairs, when they arrived.

Tracy was also cutting up some of the chestnut for some of our fellow allotment holders to use as pea sticks:
She collected 8ft bean poles too. We've been paid part cash and part in food (to come through the year...)

Given the stream of visitors we are expecting, I decided to make a couple more stools, using an old log for practice - hopefully I'll be getting them right first time before starting on the logs we specially saved earlier in the year.
Joshua found they suited him well:
I made a bench too, just by cutting two "V"s into a big log and resting it on some smaller ones. It looks lopsided because the left hand end has a bend in it - I trimmed it shorter later, just in case people sit on the very end and it tips up!
Cath bravely tested it:

While we were busy doing stuff we saw a sudden flash of yellow - a Brimstone butterfly. I chased it to try and get a picture (I had to run to keep up!) but sadly didn't manage to get one.

Here's a picture someone else took:
(courtesy of Wikimedia)

Tracy went on a walk around the further reaches of the wood, and got some good pics of bluebells:
a Peacock butterfly:
and the scum on the pond, which we think is pollen:
She also found that the little oak by the pond has been eaten by an insect of some sort...

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