Friday, 2 May 2008

A peaceful evening in the wood

Well, it was just me and Tracy this evening in the wood - Cath and my parents had gone to the beach. It's amazing how much everything is growing up there now. The chestnut:
the bluebells:
and the oaks:
I didn't just take pictures though, we carried on with the track repairs. Here's yesterday:
and here's today, with some of the water drained out, and birch laid in:
and here it is at the end of this evening, with alternating layers of birch and soil in the rut to the right. You can see the trench to the right of the track where we got the soil from - this leads into the culvert, so should help dry out the track a little as it is uphill from it. There's still a lot to do, and to be honest a lot of the track will wait until we get a digger in - it's just the worst bits we want to tackle now.
We built the fire up a little, mainly so the embers are still warm tomorrow to make lighting it quick!
though it was nice to keep warm, as we stayed until after sunset:
As we left we could hear pheasants screeching and an owl calling. We tried rolling down the wayleave with the lights and engine off to see if we saw anything interesting. We didn't, but it was a strange experience rolling along without all the usual noises!

Up there again tomorrow afternoon - the weather looks good for the whole weekend!

Oh, and for those interested in cameras, the above photos were all taken with my new SLR, and the later one of the track was in the shade, well after sunset at ISO800. it's amazing how much less noise there is with a digital SLR - I wouldn't even attempt that shot with my other camera.


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