Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bank holiday weekend - Saturday

We did a lot in the wood over the weekend, so I thought I should break it up into different days...

On Saturday Heather and Rod,who own another woodland nearby, came to visit. They've produced an excellent diary of what they're done in their wood over the past two years, cataloguing all the flora and fauna - it would put this blog to shame if they got it online! We went for a wander round the wood with them, and were very pleased to see this tiny frog at the pond, he was only about an inch long:
We also saw a couple of chestnut stools with these strange roots coming out near the ground. I'll have to find out what's going on, and if it's normal:
Heather was expert at spotting fungi, and also knew the names of most of them. I can't remember them, but here's the pictures anyway:
After they'd gone, we did a few little jobs, focusing on chainsaw stuff so that we didn't make any noise on the Sunday and Monday, to avoid disturbing the neighbours. Tracy cut up some of the trees we'd left full length in case they were needed on Monday - we had a customer come to collect poles for garden furniture. Meanwhile, I cut up some dead logs for charcoal making - we've said we'll supply fuel for a BBQ on Friday:
And finally I cut some logs ready for splitting and storing in the drier:
Sunday's post will be on the way soon, including making blackberry jam in the wood...


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