Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Firewood drier finished

We had friends from church visiting on Sunday afternoon - Joy and Lauren, along with Emily and Charlotte. We spent the afternoon up at the wood doing a few jobs, having fires and chatting. We didn't cook entirely from scratch, but the potatoes were prepared while we were there:
Cooking was quite complicated, as we had stew, chilli and potatoes to cook, so that was three fires!

Apart from the cooking, lots of other stuff went on, such as Tracy, Joy, Charlotte and Lauren removing twigs from birch we felled last winter to use in track repair, leaving the branches to burn for the cooking. Emily gave me a hand with the firewood drier:
Each "wall" of wood is now supported by a fence, variously made from a trellis, some netting and some chicken wire:There was also room to store the pieces of old chestnut stumps between the split birch to dry, and then the plastic sheet was draped over the top and weighted down:
Tracy and I were up there again yesterday, and started building another drying unit. Our post driver has arrived now, and it made the job of putting in the stakes much easier, and didn't damage the tops of them in the way that the sledge hammer did:
We'll be carrying on with it once the wet and windy weather has subsided...

UPDATE: view the other posts on the firewood shelter:


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