Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Firewood and stuff

Tracy's out on her chainsaw training today, but yesterday we went up to the wood to give her a little big of logging practice ready for the course - only very simple stuff though, as she'll be learning how to do it properly on the course.

There's plenty of birch to convert to firewood, such as these logs left over from clearing one of the rides last summer:
We'd striped or chipped the bark on the logs to help them dry a bit, and stacked them off the ground, so they're actually quite dry - but they'll get a lot drier now they're split:
There's plenty left cut but not split, so I have something to do if I cycle up there later in the week...
Time for an update on the pond.... animals have been trampling the dam, but that's OK, the water's there for them to drink, as well as for soaking willow:
The lower dam is getting a decent amount of vegetation on it now:
and the plant in the upper (main) pond is getting on well too:
and there are strange little black things coming up from the floor, no idea what they are:
and a few assorted pictures from the walk back to the car. A coppiced birch (not in the cant we cut last winter, but from last summer) which is being eaten by rabbits or deer:
an interesting fungus on the base of an oak:
and berries beginning to ripen on the honeysuckle - the wood is getting ready for autumn already...

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