Friday, 15 August 2008

BBQ and woodland skills

On Monday we had our friends Tina and Jeff visit, along with Emma and Dan. The weather was good and after a trip to the beach and a walk around Rye we went up to the wood for a BBQ
But before eating everyone had to earn their food! We started with using the maul to split some wood for the fire:
Then we moved on to making stakes, which Jeff got pretty good at by the end of the day:
The stakes will be put to use this winter, to hold log piles in place during coppicing.

After dinner we came to the highlight - felling a tree. When coppicing last winter we left a stem which was used to attach a rope to hold up the old shelter. But now we have a new shelter, so it was time for it to come down.

Our next project is building a timber drying store, which hopefully we'll get done this afternoon.


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