Thursday, 28 August 2008

A productive day

We started out promptly yesterday morning, and called to see Jenny, who lives near our wood, on the way, just to catch up about the various goings on in the wood and the village. We also helped her cut down a pollarded sycamore that was growing into the road.

The first job when we got to the wood was to cut down a small fallen tree between Chestnut Coppice and Sweep Wood. On the way we spotted yet another mushroom. I've tried to ID it, but do to so I'd need to pick it and break it up I think, so I'd rather leave it there:
Tracy dealt with the tree - she wants to get more practice in with the chainsaw, having passed her course using it. Here's her working:

It wasn't long before it was time for lunch. For cooking, we use the BBQ, but the pan sits where the charcoal would normally go, and you make a wood fire in the belly of the BBQ.
Tracy made us a yummy potato and veg stew, and it tasted all the better for not being cooked using fossil fuels! :-)

After lunch I got on with logging and splitting more birch, while Tracy dealt with a pile of chestnut trees that we'd left full length, producing a pile of poles for garden furniture:
and another pile for burning in stoves:
We were pleased with what we got done, so took the morning off today to catch up on jobs. We're about to go up now with the trailer to get our first load of birch to sell...


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