Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bluebells are starting...

We saw something cool today - Bluebell shoots in our wood - they've been in my parents' wood for a while, not sure why they start earlier there...
Anyway, we should see the Wood Anemone flower before the Bluebells start.

We were up in the wood to collect a trailer load of logs for a customer who we've been the sole supplier for this winter. We've got more left than I thought though - I keep finding little log piles that we made a year ago and then forgot! While we were cutting the wood, a robin came to watch:I stirred up some leaves for him, and he immediately went down to look for food, then returned to a good lookout point:
from which he was able to flee at the first hint of danger...After cutting the logs and having a hot drink, we put up a bird box. I'm ashamed to say we've had this for a year and have only just got round to putting it up. It only took 10 minutes too! Hopefully it'll get used this year, otherwise maybe next year.
The ropes are hooked around a branch on the back of the tree to stop them slipping down, and each is tied independently so that if one somehow came loose there's still another holding the box.


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