Sunday, 1 February 2009

Trying out the new camera lens

Having realised that Sterling falling against the Yen and Dollar meant that electronics were going to get more expensive, I bought a new lens for my camera last week. It goes up to 300mm, whereas the one I already had only went to 200mm. This is particularly useful for getting photos of birds, so I cycled down to the beach at Rye Harbour yesterday with it.

Here's some pictures of Oystercatchers:
Remember you can see larger versions on my Flickr page.

Here's some Ringed Plovers. It was harder to get these guys flying, mainly because there weren't as many around. They're actually quite well camouflaged (I've brought up the contrast in the photo below to make them more visible), and on one occasion I didn't see a small flock on the ground until I nearly walked into them!
and here's an adult and juvenile Herring Gull And finally, as usual for the winter, they're busy pushing stones around to try and keep the sea out:The rest of the beach still looks nice though:

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