Saturday, 21 February 2009

Odds and ends

A few pictures from Saturday...

As it was sunny, Dave (a friend form church) was taking his bike out, and offered to take Tracy for a ride - she's been looking forward to this for some time!She came back cold but exhilarated!

We went up to the wood in the afternoon, just to take a few photos and sit in the sunshine. A couple of weeks ago there was very heavy rain here, but I forgot to take a picture of the track back then, so here's one now:As you can see, the torrent of water has washed much of the mud down the track and left stone behind - good for traction, but makes the ruts deeper. We've been talking to some of our woodland neighbours about options for upgrading the track later this year.

Good new on the squirrels - they didn't get at the bird feeder hung up with the chain! We topped up the feeder, as there were a lot of birds around, but they can't be as hungry as they were when it was snowing, as they didn't come down to eat while we were there. Walking down the wayleave on the way home we saw quite a few though, including several robins:and loads of coal tits and blue tits:
We're going up again this afternoon to collect a load of logs for a customer - perhaps the last of the winter? We're nearly out now, so it'd better be!


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