Sunday, 1 February 2009

More snow

This morning we learned all about squirrel control in woodland (I'll write a post later), and then it started snowing. We had been planning to go and help our customer down at the allotment get her tree stakes into the ground in the afternoon, but she didn't fancy it with the snow, so what did we do instead? That's right, we went up to the wood to saw up a load of logs and bring it back to Rye for one of our customers! Here's what it looked like as we arrived at the wood:
But we got to work regardless.
It's actually quite nice working in the snow - you don't get as wet as in the rain, and everything looks pretty.
There's more snow forecast for the next few days, so we may be popping up to get some more pictures, though if the snow's bad we might have to go on our bikes instead of driving!


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