Monday, 2 February 2009

Even more snow in the wood

Yesterday we went up to the wood after work to get some more pictures of the snow. It was getting towards dark, so the photos are a little noisy, though pretty good for ISO3200 I think (glad I've got the DSLR for this...)
But first, here's what it was like back at home:The ducks were going from garden to garden to see if anyone had put food out for them:
You can see where they all came through a gap in the fence and went round a car to move into the next garden:
Anyway, back to the wood. We took Joy and Lauren up as well:
As it got darker I had to resort to using the flash, but it made a nice "tunnel effect":
There were a few small trees weighed down by the snow, like this holly:Here's the clearing at he junction, which we coppiced in December:
Then we got to the area we coppiced a year ago, but it was much too dark to do without the flash now:
As you can see it was still snowing while we were there, although in Rye it had turned to sleet by now.
We're certainly glad we got some logs out for a customer on Sunday, looking at the state of the wayleave!

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