Friday, 18 January 2008

A bit of clearing


I am sure Mike will be adding photos later - but I decided to get a word in! We went to the wood this afternoon (Wed) and did some tidying up in our kitchen area. I have to be patient, as we need more poles for rebuilding it, but we don't want to cut coppice at this time of year (the sap is rising) (sounds funky!) so we have to wait. For those that know me, that is not one of my strongest points!
We then went off to clear some more of another old ride, started small and then Mike decided to go for some big old Silver Birch. We have made some nice clearer areas and I am looking forward to seeing what will grow under there now we have some light. Of course keeping bracken (boo hiss :##) out will be a challenge.
I learnt that if you pull at bracken stems with bare fingers you get super little slits in your fingers that bleed for ages and hurt like crazy!
Mike learned that if he is not clear in communicating with his wife about where the tree will land, he gets in trouble. :DD
Hmm, is it learnt or learned? Anyone know that rule?

WE are off to check out another curry place, it's on our 'To Do' list!

Love Tracy

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