Friday, 18 January 2008

Felling licence granted


At last! We have our felling licence. The forecast for tomorrow is wet and 40mph wind though, so we'll wait and see if we actually get to go and do anything.... but at least we're ready to start now. We've also had a lot of help from coppicers in the area advising us on products and markets, so we know what length to cut stuff to. We've also confirmed that the sale of our oak thinnings will be tax free, but it's not yet clear if round timber from the coppice is also exempt - a but more reading and a phone call should clarify this.

Tracy was on a BTCV tree planting course today, so while she was out I cleared the garage ready for our moving, sorting into piles for the new house, the allotment, the wood, recycling and stuff to go to Freecycle. It's a pain that we're moving right in the middle of the busy period for coppicing, but the new house is SO much nicer (and cheaper), that it will be worth it.


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